About Us

linkapilThe unprecedented movement of Filipinos across national boundaries in the last several decades has led to a vision of a global community of more than eight (8) million people with a collective strength that can fuel Philippine economic development. While they have found gainful employment and even acquired permanent residency or citizenship in their host countries, overseas Filipinos have an abiding interest in the future of the Philippines. They remain deeply involved and maintain close ties by engaging in philanthropic undertakings and socio-cultural programs reflective of their continued concern for the motherland.

Inspired by the promise of this vision, the Commission on Filipinos Overseas designed the Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino or LINKAPIL Program in 1989. It has resulted in the forging of broader and deeper partnerships between Filipinos beyond borders. As a vehicle of service to fellow Filipinos, LINKAPIL provides a mechanism for the transfer of various forms of resources from Filipinos overseas to support small-scale, high-impact projects that address the country's social and economic development needs.differentiated.